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ConneXions 2016

Year on year, the students of PGPX, the one year MBA program at IIM Ahmedabad host ConneXions - a knowledge summit that epitomizes the vibrancy and buzz of a business school. In upholding a decade long tradition, we, from the batch of PGPX 2016-17, are proud to announce ConneXions 2016 on Oct 14 - 15, 2016.

ConneXions is a meeting of minds, exchange of ideas, exploring possibilities, unearthing solutions. What's truly unique about Connexions is not only the participation of eminent speakers and panelists and distinguished faculty members of the institute but also the choice of the theme in itself. We as future leaders believe that the transformation of our country requires not just novel ideas but also next-level planning and execution strategy for effective roll-out. With that strong belief on the significance of ‘implementing ideas’, we announce this year’s theme: 'Transforming India: Ideas to Implementation'. It would entail discussions in the significant fields of education, health care, energy, finance, information technology and manufacturing.

The event creates an intellectual platform where industry veterans, policymakers, NGO leaders from diverse sectors engage in erudite discussions moderated by distinguished IIMA faculty. Each panel is a carefully chosen composite panel of speakers who would enrich the debate with strikingly different perspectives. IIMA makes for a perfect venue with its bright, ambitious students in the audience who are poised to assimilate the ideas and solutions that emerge and incorporate them as they step into leadership roles. It is no surprise that the event also attracts huge media attention.

Connexions 2016-17 stages the canvas for India's best minds to paint their insights, aspirations and implementable ideas. The beautiful painting that unfolds will capture the spirit of inquiry, leadership, creativity and illuminate powerful implementation solutions to complex problems, the relevance of which is monumental now and for years to come. We believe that there is no better platform than a group of aspiring industry leaders to take the solutions forward.

We take immense pleasure in inviting you to IIMA PGPX ConneXions 2016-17!